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Frequently Asked Questions

At Designly, every website project is unique and we custom design each project to engage and convert visitors based on each industry type. Read through our top website and web design pricing FAQs below, or Book a Free Consultation Today to discuss how we can grow your business!


Are Consultations Free of Charge?

Yes, our inital consultations are free of charge!

We use these 1 to 3 intitial discovery calls to understnad your needs and requirements.  That allows us to be able to provide a pricing proposal.

Design consultation and renderings will come during the initial design process once a contract has commenced.

Is There A Contract Involved?

Yes, We provide a services agreement that outlines the deliverables we promise to deliver on. It includes provisions for payment and approval of work so that all parteis are aligned and know what to expect.

If there are any concerns that you have prior to signing, let us know and we can ensure those issues are addressed to give peace of mind.

How Long Does It Take To Get A New Website Up and Running?

It can take 3-4 weeks for a basic templated website but approximately up 10-12 weeks for a custom site.

We work in a timely manner and do our best to meet the projected timeline displayed in the proposal.  The timing all depends on a few factors. Timing to receive your content and images. Your availability and timliness of review and feedback.  Number of revisions and requests outside of initial scope.

Pricing & Cost

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Designly pricing usually starts at $2,400 and goes up from there.  It all depends on a number of variable factors.

Basic Website – $2,400+
You want something AFFORDABLE that looks great and professional. Usually these are basic 10 page websites running on a prebuilt templates.  You just send us your logo and content and we take care of the rest.

Basic Branded Websites – $4,590+
You desire more than basic, but you are on a budget. Our branded websites offer more than our basic templates.  We offer added features and plugins. Looks custom, but without the price tag!

We then have semi-custom websites with more design customization options and those can be

Platinum Coding Add-On –  $1,500
Includes animations, custom graphics, overlays, and technology to speed up your site with accelerations

Annual Website Maintenance Package – $550

Text updates, Add/Remove team members, gallery Image updates, updating forms, image header changes.

Custom Website – Let’s Talk

These sites are for mid and large market players who are in the business of generating leads. It goes well beyond just having a basic web presence. They may have Geo Location landing pages for SEO and service pages types that go well beyond a 10-20 page build.  The focus of these sites is lead conversion and that means they need to be really engaging to build trust with potential clients.

We create a custom design plan to meet your vision and expections!

Do You Offer Payment Options?

Yes, we accept a few payment options to meet the needs of today’s businesses starting out.  The best price is to pay up front and we accept ACH or Credit Card.  There is a 10-15% incentive to do so based on the cost of money.

If you would like to go with monthly payments using our money then we can spread the full cost of the website build over equal monthly installments.  It’s essentially financing so their is no discount like the up front payment option. 

For example, if a large scale custom build has a cost of $21,000, then the discount to pay up front is $2,000 and the client will pay $19,000.  If the client opts for monthly payments over time, then we use teh time value of money method.  We take the $21,000 total and split it into 12 monthly payments of $1,750 per month.

Reach out to us and we can try and accomodate your needs the best we can.

Do You Charge By The Hour, or Using A Flat Fee?

We charge based on the estimated hours required to complete your web design project. After we have consult with a potential new client we will provide a pricing proposal outling the time and pages required.

Our projects inlcude an entire team of dedicated professionals. They include Web Strategists, Web Designers, Web Developers, Marketing Specialists, Project Coordinators, Technical Support, Copyrighter & Photographers, & Digital Marketers.


Marketing Services

Are Consultations Free of Charge?

Yes, our inital consultations are free of charge!

We use these 1 to 3 intitial discovery calls to understnad your needs and requirements.  That allows us to be able to provide a pricing proposal.

Design consultation and renderings will come during the initial design process once a contract has commenced.

Do You Also Provide SEO Services?

Yes we do!

In fact our SEO Leader is an SEO expert with over 20 years of experience working on enterprise level SEO before venturing out into the agency world. He was responsible for generating millions in organic monthly visitors and revenue. He is regularly featured on Forbes.com for his SEO and Digital Marketing insights.  

A summary of our SEO services can be found here: SEO Services

Can Designly Get Me To The 1st Page of Google?

The answer is Yes, but never guaranteed!

SEO is a race and you need to first be on the race track.  It’s a combination of a great website, onsite SEO, great blog content, and strong offsite Organic SEO program.  This would inlcude backlinking to your cornerstone landing pages and guest posts on high domain authority websites.

So in order to stay the leader in the number 1 position on Google, you need to always ensure you have more backlinks and better ranking content then you compeition. This means you have to always be adding fuel to your marketing machine to stay ahead of the competition.

Website & Hosting

Do You Provide Hosting Services?

Yes, we can provide WordPress hosting services.  We host all websites in the Google Cloud Hosting environment.  Since the goal of our clients is usually to rank on Google, we decided that Google would be our best hosting platform.

We provide a unified portal location for our client websites where our clients can see their website performance and dashboards for all of there marketing channels in one location.  We have integrated all marketing channels and analytics.  Clients no longer need to login to multiple locations to manage their business.

Do I Have To Use Designly For Website Maintenance and Updates?

All websites that we build are owned by you.  That means you can control the site if you so desire and you have access to it.

All of our non ecommerce sites are built on WordPress as it the CMS of choice.  Whereas ecommerce stores are built on Shopify and directly hosted with Shopify.  All of our WordPress websites are hosted in the Google Cloud specifically for WordPress management.

We highly recommend that you use WordPress because you will be able to migrate it almost anywhere.  Some competitors will use properatary CMS, specifically to make it difficult for you to leave or migrate.  Properitary software also means they can charge you more because less people know how to work in it.  WordPress is the dominate CMS Worldwide.

99% of the websites we build are hosted with us in the Google cloud.  Clients just find it easier and more cost effective. That way they dont mess something up which can be more costly to fix.

Will My Website Be Search Engine Freindly?

Yes, your website will comply with On-site Search Engine Optimization standards.  This is foundational to the website build.  Proper URL permalink structure, keywords, Titles, Meta Descriptions and Alt Tags.

It should be noted that the website build will be optimzied for traffic but an SEO friendly website doesn’t mean traffic will pour in.  For that you will need Off-site SEO Services which are seperate from the website itself.  This includes backlinking from sites around the internet to the important pages of your website for the keywords you are trying to rank for.  This can include high value content known as guest posting on high domain authority website.  The goal of backlinking is to boost your domain authority which then boosts your rankings and traffic from those highly ranking keywords.

We provide Organic Off-site SEO services seperately.

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